Mint Innovation recognised as a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

We're honoured to be awarded as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, alongside some remarkable companies that combine entrepreneurial spirit with science and engineering to tackle global issues head-on.

As global demand for gold and other valuable metals continues to rise, local governments are no longer able to rely on carbon-intensive and outdated technology to keep up with demand, and sustain the planet. Electronic waste and other discarded technologies are the world's fastest growing waste stream and offer untapped sources to valuable metals. 

Over the next five years, we need local cities to be using low carbon, local solutions to reduce waste and recycle valuable metals back into their local economy, without the need to ship any waste overseas. Not only is there an ecological imperative for this, but it is also economically viable for our local cities. Leading the circular economy across the globe will secure a sustainable future and the longevity of the planet.

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