Recovering valuable metals from electronic waste


Low cost local processing improves returns for recyclers.

Payouts based on recovered value from your material.

Local processing enables a rapid payback time.

Clean processing minimises waste and environmental impact.


Mint provides a fully distributed e-waste recycling solution.

Enabling the recovery of valuable metals such as gold, palladium and copper near the city of collection. 

Smart recovery of value from e-waste

Fast and efficient metal recovery

Clean processing minimises waste and environmental impact

Complete destruction ensures data protection

Local low cost processing provides many benefits to recyclers


Patented biometallurgy process combines hydrometallurgy and biotechnology for a low cost, clean and scaleable metal recovery solution

World first bio-refinery uses microorganisms to scavenge precious metals from complex waste streams.  All process streams are recycled minimising environmental impact of the bio-recovery process.

Proprietary bioprocessing enables clean recovery of 100% recycled, cyanide-free, conflict-free metals including: GoldPalladiumCopper, Silver | Other metals including tin, zinc, iron and nickel 


Low cost local processing enables value capture from Printed Circuit Boards at any scale.  Flexible plant deployment (think microbrewery) can be deployed in any city or region to recover value from 1,000-50,000 tonne per annum

Mint can build and operate a bio-refinery in any city or region – all we need is your waste

Ready to deploy in

a city near you



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