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Low cost

Mint’s low cost metal recovery plants improve payment times and profitability for recyclers providing a truly circular solution.

Low carbon

Mint metals such as gold, palladium, copper, cobalt and lithium are produced with ultra low carbon emissions for a sustainable future.


Mint’s scalable biorefinery plants recover valuable metals from waste streams at the point of collection.

Our unique and environmentally friendly technology

Whether you manage a global technology manufacturer, independent business, city council or local recycler, Mint provides best possible environmental solutions to improve your current processes and help meet your sustainability goals.
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“Mint's vision is to provide a low cost, sustainable solution to recover precious metals from the urban mine, by having a biorefinery in every major city around the world.”


Every year over US$80bn of valuable metals are discarded in consumer and industrial waste streams (the urban mine).


Mint saves over 90% of the carbon produced in recovering metals such as gold compared to conventional mining or smelting.


Mint’s recovery process uses only 2% of the power and water per kilogram of gold compared with conventional mined resources.

Mint process and technology

Mint technology has been developed to rapidly and sustainably recover >95% of valuable metals from a range of waste streams at or close to the point of collection. Our plants can be deployed anywhere to cleanly recover metals such as gold, copper, palladium, cobalt and lithium from waste materials including e-waste, spent catalysts and depleted lithium-ion batteries.
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Waste streams we’re focused on


Over 95% of valuable metals including gold, palladium and copper recovered from circuit boards.

Spent catalysts

High value catalytic metals including palladium and platinum recovered from spent industrial catalysts and auto-catalysts.

Lithium ion batteries

Valuable materials including cobalt, lithium, copper and graphite recovered from a range of lithium ion batteries.


Opportunities for valuable metal recovery from a range of waste streams including incinerator bottom ash and mine tailings.

“The choice between the bottom line and the future of our planet is a false one, and each new green innovation offers the proof.”

Tim Cook


We are ready to deploy our metal recovery plants in a city near you