Bringing green metals to countries, companies and consumers, everywhere

Whether you're a global technology manufacturer, independent business, city council or local recycler, Mint provides the best possible environmental solutions to improve your current processes and help meet your sustainability goals.

Leading edge

Advanced clean technology with continuous investment in R&D to improve processes, explore other waste streams and extract new metals.​

Low carbon & circular

Metals are recycled with natural biomass and produce lower carbon emissions to power a circular supply chain. ​

Local recovery

City scale processing facilities making it easy and efficient to deploy technology directly where waste is collected.​

Combining our expertise, passion and innovation, we extract green metals from the world's waste to accelerate a circular economy​.


Every year over US$80bn of valuable metals are discarded in consumer and industrial waste streams (the urban mine).


Mint saves over 90% of the carbon produced in recovering metals such as gold compared to conventional mining or smelting.


Mint’s recovery process uses only 2% of the power and water per kilogram of gold compared with conventional mined resources.

“The choice between the bottom line and the future of our planet is a false one, and each new green innovation offers the proof.”

Tim Cook


We are ready to deploy our technology to a city near you