Bucklands Beach Intermediate takes action against e-waste

Written by
Sunny Qin
Published on
April 24, 2024
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Last year, we were invited to Bucklands Beach Intermediate to speak to a group of year 8 students about electronic waste and the sustainable recycling of the earth’s natural resources. During the session, we explored the current e-waste challenge and shared how Mint’s technology is helping to combat it.  

As global e-waste continues to increase year on year, we must take collective action as a community to divert this waste away from landfill and ensure waste is processed and recycled sustainably. It was truly inspiring to see our younger generation eager to educate themselves and take action on such important issues.  

Examples of different types of e-waste

Whilst Mint currently has the technology to recover circular green metals from PCBs (printed circuit boards) - a key component within e-waste, we are only touching part of the problem. Common electronic items such as batteries, cables and glass LCD screens can and should be recycled to truly make an impact on the amount of e-waste ending up in landfill. In order to achieve this, we need to raise awareness and drive change at every level, from local government and change-makers to local communities and small businesses.  

“During the presentation, our students could see the different stages of recycling e-waste and the outcomes in their final form. Reinforcing the learning by quizzing the students on crucial information proved the students had taken the information on board, leading them to take meaningful action.”, says PYP Coordinator, Annita Leeuw.  

Following our visit to the school, the students led an e-waste collection drive in collaboration with Abilities group, an industry leader in responsible disposal and recycling of electronic and electrical equipment.  

Collaborating with Abilities Group to organise a collection drive

As Mint gears up for the expansion of our technology with the goal of global impact, we’re excited to connect with more schools and local communities to support them in their collective efforts to recycle e-waste sustainably and help restore the planet for future generations.  

If you’re interested in organising an e-waste collection drive in your community, keep an eye out on our website for resources and guides launching soon.  

If you’re interested in Mint speaking at your school, get in touch at  

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