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As with many great stories, Mint started with a great idea in a dingy laboratory in Auckland, New Zealand

Armed with over a decade of experience in science commerialisation and a PhD in synthetic science, Mint Founder Dr Will Barker saw not only an oppportunity, but an urgent need to address the world’s depleting natural minerals and rare earth elements. The opportunity lay in the form of e-waste.

Teaming up with Chief Scientific Officer Ollie Crush, the duo created Mint’s ground-breaking clean technology that extracts precious metals such as gold, copper and other critical elements from electronic waste without the harmful emissions and environmental impact.

What started out in a few test tubes in a basement lab has grown to a commercial scale business with the world’s first biorefinery now in operation in Sydney, Australia.

Today, our team and operations continue to grow as we pioneer new technology to unlock other waste streams - building the groundwork to support countries, companies and consumers everywhere in restoring our planet.

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