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Mint Innovation's Carbon Reduction Initiatives Earn Runner-Up Spot at COP28

Written by
Renee Jameson
Published on
April 17, 2024
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Auckland – 8th December 2023 – Cleantech innovator Mint Innovation, has received international recognition for its remarkable achievements towards industrial decarbonisation, at COP28. Mint Innovation was named as one of two runners-up by the Mission Innovation Net-Zero Industries (MI NZI) Awards for the Outstanding Projects category. Winners were presented during a ceremony at COP28 on the 8th December, 2023.  

Mission Innovation is a global initiative made up of 23 countries and the European Commission aiming to catalyse a decade of action to make clean energy affordable, attractive and accessible for all.  

Mint Innovation has received recognition for its successful deployment of the world's first commercial-scale biorefinery in Sydney. This low-cost, low-impact facility is set to process 3,000 tonnes of printed circuit board (PCB) waste, returning up to half a tonne of gold and up to 1,000 tonnes of copper to the Australian economy for reuse. This aligns perfectly with Mission Innovation's goals and criteria for the awards. Mint Innovation is well-positioned to deploy its advanced technology worldwide, and its global traction is not surprising.

Mint Innovation's efforts towards reducing global carbon emissions and safeguarding the future of our planet have been commendable. As a pioneer, they have been recognised at COP28, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, where nations come together to collectively address climate change through multilateral decision-making. The Net-Zero Industries Awards were presented during a ceremony at COP28 to celebrate the achievements of companies like Mint Innovation in contributing towards a sustainable future.  

Whilst Mint Innovation was named as a runner-up in the category, the team are ecstatic with their achievement, and for their alignment with the global COP28 conference.  

"Being recognised as a runner-up for our outstanding project is not just a testament to our team's brilliance, but a commitment to forging a path towards net zero and decarbonisation. I’m very proud of the team to be acknowledged on a global platform like Mission Innovation’s Net Zero Awards” - Will Barker, Co-founder and CEO at Mint Innovation.  

Mint Innovation was named as a runner-up alongside the University of Calgary for their Calf-20 Metal-Organic Framework. The award for Outstanding Projects was awarded to Holcim GmbH for their Carbon2Business project, a facility that is on track to becoming the first carbon-neutral cement plant by 2029.  

The Mission Innovation Net-Zero Awards runner-up announcement comes after Mint Innovation was chosen as an award winner in multiple categories at the 2023 InnovationAus Awards and a runner-up at the New Zealand International Business Awards.  

As Mint Innovation continues to gain momentum globally, it aims to invest further in research and development to optimise its existing technology and expand to service other waste streams, no doubt leading to more successes in the future.  

Learn more about Mission Industries and the Net-Zero Industry Awards below:

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