We are the world’s leading technology partner for sustainable metal recovery

We provide low-cost, low-impact biorefineries for extracting metals from a range of waste materials.

From trash to treasure


Primary source: E-waste
1 Ton Circuit Board = US$12,000


Primary source: E-waste
1 Ton Circuit Board = US$2,000


Primary source: E-waste
1 Ton Circuit Board = US$1,400

A deep dive into the mint process


Receive material and prepare for product recovery

Upon receipt, waste material weighed and milled to a sand consistency to enable rapid metal recovery.


Multistep extraction process

Precious metals including gold, palladium and platinum dissolved using Mint’s proprietary chemistry. Other metals such as copper are recovered using a conventional electrochemical process.


Used chemicals recycled

Precious metals selectively recovered from solutions using Mint’s patented biosorption process. Barren leach liquors recycled for further processing.


Product refining

Extracted precious metals refined to pure metal for immediate sale. Upon recovery, the feedstock supplier receives payment for all recycled metals.

We're different

Leading edge

Advanced clean technology with continuous investment in R&D to improve processes, explore other waste streams and extract new metals.​

Low carbon & circular

Metals are recycled with natural biomass and produce lower carbon emissions to power a circular supply chain. ​

Local recovery

City scale processing facilities making it easy and efficient to deploy technology directly where waste is collected.​

Take a closer look at our refineries

Mint Innovation’s Sydney biorefinery has prepared a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) for the following purposes:

Download PIRMP PDF

“Decarbonising the global economy is the greatest opportunity for innovation the world has ever seen.”

Bill Gates

June 2020

We are ready to deploy our metal recovery plants in a city near you