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Mint welcomes the Minster for Climate Change and Energy

Written by
Renee Jameson
Published on
April 17, 2024
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Our team in Sydney had the pleasure of welcoming the Australian Minister for Climate Change and Energy to our biorefinery. The Australian government is in pursuit of clean infrastructure and advanced manufacturing for a modern economy, and it was nice to showcase how our pioneering technology supports them on that mission.  

With our biorefinery operating within Minister Bowen’s electorate of McMahon, we are able to show him a truly circular story where we will be returning half a tonne of gold and 1,000 tonnes of copper a year to the local economy, which are important metals supporting electrification and decarbonisation efforts.  

“It’s always great to see local manufacturing in my electorate of McMahon. We all know the importance of recycling as we move towards a cleaner and renewable future, and it starts with local initiatives like this.” - says Minister Bowen.

This facility is a significant milestone, as it’s the first time Australia can benefit from low-carbon electronic waste processing domestically, helping to reduce the need to export.

We are now actively working with local recyclers and other supply partners (some of whom joined us today) to process feedstock and introduce ‘green’ recycled metals into Australia’s economy.  

Our partnership with local businesses, the Australian government and our commitment to working with local communities reflects our passion to drive positive change through low-carbon management of e-waste by circularising the metals needed for a sustainable future economy.

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