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Mint Innovation closes $60M NZD in Series C capital raise

Written by
Renee Jameson
Published on
April 17, 2024
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We’re very excited to share that we have closed a $60M NZD Series C funding round to accelerate the circular supply of green metals.

We’ve had interest in this round from new and existing investors who were blown away by our vision, mission, team and clean technology which had been developed to accelerate the circular supply of green metals globally.

The back story

The team at Mint is grounded in the real-world problem and impact that electronic waste has on the environment and economy. There is so much value in waste that is simply thrown away into landfill or shipped overseas without as much as a second thought.

It’s a growing issue with over 17% of the 53.6 million tons of e-waste produced around the world is properly recycled, according to the Global E-waste Monitor, 2020. This discarded technology not only contains valuable metals needed in a range of everyday commodities, but it also contains toxins that can be harmful to local communities – a humanitarian issue.

This is why Mint was founded back in 2016. A passionate team of chemists, scientists and engineers proved a new way using natural biomass and smart chemistry to extract precious metals from e-waste in a low carbon, local way.

Our clean technology can be scaled to the need and size of any city where e-waste is produced, and it can be processed back into the local economy to be used in new technologies, creating a secure circular supply.

The world’s first commercial scale biorefinery

Taking this proven technology, the clever team at Mint was able to scale it to a size where we became commercially viable. With Sydney being a population of over 5 million people, there was a good supply of e-waste that could be collected and dealt with locally, without the need to ship off to another nation to be recycled. So, this is where we looked to establish our first biorefinery which is roughly 10x size of our demonstration facility, and successfully launched late last year.

And thanks to this most recent Series C capital raise, we can now take this clean technology that has been proven at scale and deploy it in other key locations across the world.

A huge priority for the team will be growing and investing in our team so we will be able to successfully deploy this technology to help countries, companies and consumers lower their carbon footprint and accelerate circular supply of green metals.

Here’s to an exciting few years ahead... This is just the beginning for the team at Mint Innovation!

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